Annie Popelier

Annie Popelier

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When I began Midwifery practice, ultrasound scans and long lists of screening investigations did not exist. Prediction of expected time of arrival of a baby was based on a woman’s knowledge of her body cycles, rather than an operator of a “machine”. Twins were born unexpectedly and babies were free to assume a breech position.

Over many decades of practice, the knowledge I have accumulated has been from women, showing me how it is done, trusting in the innate normal business of growing, building and breastfeeding their babies. Naturally, if I can provide women with the knowledge of screening tests available, then the woman can make an informed choice about having those tests.

When I work with a woman during her pregnancy journey, I strive to encourage her to prepare for the transition to motherhood without fear.

I walk with the woman, trusting in her ability to give birth in her own unique way, for each baby this is different.

When we meet, I respond to her uniqueness and this is one of the joys of one-on-one care.

I am proud and happy to be of service to birthing women, wherever the woman chooses to birth, but I do predominantly attend homebirth.