Mel’s Birth Story

I have had 5 children born at home and am currently expecting our 6th child.  Our 1st four children were born in Western Australia at, the only state that I know off that has a government funded home birth programme.  I found it a challenge to find out about home births in Tasmania.  Fortunately I was directed to the right people in the end.  One reason our family has chosen to have our babies at home was continuity of care that home births offered, the midwives I have had attending us have always given us the options of care & let us make a lot of decisions.  I have often had friends who have chosen other birthing options comment about how great it is that we get to make so many choices for ourselves.   As our family has grown it has been wonderful to be at home & have the other children be able to meet the new baby soon after its birth & for me to be comfortable in my own home to recover. 

My last birth was a very brief affair.  Lasting only 1 and a half hours.  I called my midwife & she was ready with all her gear & at our home a short time later. As we have had water births my main goal was to make it to the birthing pool in time, which my husband & midwife were quickly getting ready as this baby wasn’t going to wait!  I am sure being at home helps going into labour more relaxing & peaceful knowing that there is no pressure to hurry or different people coming & going checking on things.  I recall our last birth with good memories!  In fact I have wonderful stories to share with all of our children about their births.